standard An Invocation

New England Regional Caucus 15 November 2009 San Diego, California Invocation: Let us calm our minds, collect our thoughts, and touch our hearts. We have gathered here, at the edge of the Pacific, enjoying each others company, before we face New England winter. We live in a part of the world where time is marked [...]

standard The Window Seat Chapter 27

October 21, 2009 Usairway’s 1:00 P.M Washington’s Reagan to Providence The trip had been impromptu. The Senate Banking Committee, chaired by Senator Dodd, had called a hearing for October 20th, on the State of the Housing Industry. The National Association of Realtors welcomed the invitation, particularly given our commitment to extending the $8000 First Time [...]

standard My Mother’s Eyes

It is an early morning with a full day on tap. John Mayer’s song Say and Cyndi Lauper’s song Time after Time are the inspiration for these words. Am always so surprised how music is such a powerful catalyst for emotion in me. Music has wrapped my entire life as blanket. Sometimes in challenging times, [...]

standard The Window Seat Chapter 26

September 28, 2009 US Air Providence to Charlotte It is an 8:20 flight from Providence to Charlotte. This is a quick overnight assignment for me with the North Carolina Association’s Annual Convention. The meeting is in Savannah. Yes the meeting is in Georgia, not North Carolina. My assignment is to bring the National Association of [...]

standard In a crowd of silence

It is a beautiful summer day in August, August 30th to be exact. The weather is exceptional. In 2009, we have been squeezing the few days of great summer weather in a wet cloudy season. This is clearly one of them. It has been a very wet and humid summer in Rhode Island. This day [...]

standard The Window Seat Chapter 25

July 9th Reagan National to Providence US Airways 3:10 PM It was a quick trip to Washington DC to ‘meet casually’ with the Senate Committee on Small Business on Health Care Reform. The Committee is chaired by Senator Mary Landrieu of Louisiana. Nine stakeholders were asked to share their perspective with the committee. It was [...]

standard Matthew and Christina Wedding Toast 25 July 2009

Matt & Christina: (It has been a tradition in our family for the grandfather or father of the groom to make a toast. My Grandfather, John Brophy did at your mother’s and my wedding 30 years ago). This is an important day and a special occasion: Important because Matt and Christina, from this day forward, [...]

standard Chairs of Love and Music of the Heart

It is the day before my birthday, just another day and another birthday. Isn’t it bizarre that we celebrate the birthday of the birthed and then to overlook the work of the mother? For whatever reason however, the mood that has wrapped me like a blanket is one of raw emotion…a sense of loving, a [...]

standard The Window Seat Chapter 24

June 30, 2009 Southwest Flight to BWI Originally, the plan was to be on a 5:35 PM flight to BWI for a one day series of meeting with Obama administration people on health care reform. By the time my work was completed, the 6:05 was the next best option. Ticket changed and I gained a [...]

standard The Watchful Realtor 2: Mars, Venus and Something Simply Called Stupid

“Mars, Venus, and something simply called Stupid.” This chapter has less to do with real estate and more to do with the difference between the genders. As a young child, my family and I lived in California, Oregon, Washington, and Kansas. In each one of these States, pickup trucks are more than just functional transportation. [...]