standard The Window Seat Chapter 32

June 10, 2010 United Chicago to SacramentoIt is one of those very long trips that is squeezed into a very short time. Have been invited to speak at the California Realtors Board of Directors meeting in Sacramento. So the trip is from the Atlantic to the Pacific for a 10 to 12 minute speech and [...]

standard The Window Seat Chapter 30

United Chicago to Providence 13 January 2010 6:50 It was a cold winter Chicago day and I was ready to go home. While I like the concept of one day meetings, they can be challenging. This had been organized on little notice and was important. The trip out on Tuesday had been uneventful. We started [...]

standard The Window Seat Chapter 29

Southwest Tucson to Chicago December 13th It is my last travel for the Association of Realtors for 2009 and the last for six weeks. It is not quiet full and we are going to be connecting at Midway Airport in Chicago. Originally, it was going to be a tight connection of 40 minutes, but we [...]

standard The Window Seat Chapter 28

United 679 Chicago to San Diego We were involved in a rolling invasion of the 2009 Realtors Convention in San Diego. I was travelling first, my wife second, my son third, and the return was similar. The goal was to participate in the convention, but have good coverage for the day to day operations of [...]

standard The Window Seat Chapter 27

October 21, 2009 Usairway’s 1:00 P.M Washington’s Reagan to Providence The trip had been impromptu. The Senate Banking Committee, chaired by Senator Dodd, had called a hearing for October 20th, on the State of the Housing Industry. The National Association of Realtors welcomed the invitation, particularly given our commitment to extending the $8000 First Time [...]

standard The Window Seat Chapter 26

September 28, 2009 US Air Providence to Charlotte It is an 8:20 flight from Providence to Charlotte. This is a quick overnight assignment for me with the North Carolina Association’s Annual Convention. The meeting is in Savannah. Yes the meeting is in Georgia, not North Carolina. My assignment is to bring the National Association of [...]

standard The Window Seat Chapter 25

July 9th Reagan National to Providence US Airways 3:10 PM It was a quick trip to Washington DC to ‘meet casually’ with the Senate Committee on Small Business on Health Care Reform. The Committee is chaired by Senator Mary Landrieu of Louisiana. Nine stakeholders were asked to share their perspective with the committee. It was [...]

standard The Window Seat Chapter 24

June 30, 2009 Southwest Flight to BWI Originally, the plan was to be on a 5:35 PM flight to BWI for a one day series of meeting with Obama administration people on health care reform. By the time my work was completed, the 6:05 was the next best option. Ticket changed and I gained a [...]

standard The Window Seat Chapter 22

Chicago O’Hare to Lexington Kentucky There is a real difference when travelling from airport hub cities to other hub cities versus traveling from non hub cities to non hub cities Airport consolidation and the challenged economy limit choices and increase costs. One of the Regional Vice Presidents from Kentucky asked me to speak to their [...]

standard The Window Seat Chapter 21

Washington to Providence April 8th It was a last minute mad rush to make the US Airways flight at 1:20 rather than waiting until the 4:30. Fortunately, I had my luggage in hand and got to the gate at 12:55. There was only one seat left and it was mine… amazingly it was an aisle [...]