standard The Window Seat Chapter 20

CHARLOTTE to PROVIDENCE It had been a quick trip to Florida to the National Association of Realtors Resorts and Second Home Symposium. As my wife is involved in the group, it was fun because we were able to travel together. Meetings were great and in a beautiful setting in Naples, but we were only able [...]

standard The Window Seat Chapter 19

March 4th 2009 Providence to Chicago O/Hare Providence’s Green Airport is typically busiest between 5:30 A.M and 7:00 A.M. The baggage screening machines have been moved out of the Main Terminal and are no longer visible. As a result, even during the busiest time of day, it does not feel very business. As there is [...]

standard The Window Seat Chapter 18

  Southwest BWI to PVD February 4th 3:30. Was really excited that my one day meeting had ended two hours early and I was able to catch the 3:30 flight rather than the 5:20. Arrived at the airport and everything was on schedule including my Flight. Did not have any luggage to check in. Had [...]

standard The Window Seat Chapter 17

  The Virtual Window Seat: Thus far my near encounters of the human kind have general taken place on planes and in one instance in a car. There is a new arena of personal encounters: social media sites:,, to name a couple. I have been on face book for a couple of years. [...]

standard The Window Seat 16

Delta Providence to Atlanta Mid January 2009, this will be an overnight trip to Louisiana via Atlanta. Legacy carriers love commuter jets. They are the buses of the skies. Delta is particularly enamored with these uncomfortable chariots of the sky. 6C was my seat and my row acquaintance was already in his seat 6D. He [...]

standard The Window Seat 15

Hertz Rental San Mateo to Vallejo, California November 1998 “How it felt.” Alright, I am exercising some ‘literary license’ as this window seat is a in a car, and this is anything but random. But this is a true story that has not been told: My family is from San Francisco, California. Both of my [...]

standard The Window Seat 14

Southwest December 7th Baltimore to Austin It was one of those great ideas that seemed really optimistic and ambitious as it unfolded. My wife and I wanted to be among the first Rhode Islanders to obtain the National Association of Realtors newest designation: GREEN. Realtors value education and experience. Obtaining designations is one was of [...]

standard The Window Seat: Chapter 13

United: Austin to Dulles 10 December 2008 Mid week flights are frankly pretty easy this time of year. Wednesdays in particular are a good choice as fewer people are flying and most travelers mid week are experienced travelers. Many are business travelers. Was on my way back to Rhode Island after a one day meeting [...]

standard The Window Seat: Chapter 12

Southwest 2:40 PM Providence to Baltimore, Sunday November 16th, 2008 It was one of those rare days when I arrived at the airport early. It was to be a quick trip, down to Annapolis, Maryland overnight to speak to the Maryland Leadership team. It was going to be quick and fun. Dinner with my hosts [...]

standard The Window Seat: Chapter 11

Southwest Orlando to Providence November 10, 2008 This Monday is very unusual. Over 20,000 of my Realtor friends and I had gathered in Orlando for the 2008 National Association Convention and Exposition. It was very exciting with great speakers, a huge exposition, and special events. There were many special moments, particularly seeing my friends, but [...]